Argonne Alumni Association

Brendan Moody

Managing Director, Spotlight Asset Group

“Navigating Turbulent Markets & Optimizing Tax Reform”

Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

Optional Lunch available at 12:00

Argonne Guest House

Brendan is responsible for developing and implementing clients’ personalized financial plans. He serves as the primary point-of-contact for clients for retirement planning, investment management, and tax and estate planning. Brendan acts as a fiduciary for his clients.  Prior to joining Spotlight, Brendan was a vice president at Fidelity’s Oak Brook office.  He has a B.S from Loyola University Chicago in 2007 and is a 2019 Certified Financial Planner candidate.


Multiple factors are responsible for the heightened volatility in the global markets. Intensified talks surrounding the China trade war are at the forefront with an extended US bull market chugging into mature phase. As if that’s not enough, Americans navigated a new tax plan (TCJA) in 2018 while Illinois residents are set to see the most dramatic tax code reform in a generation. The goal of this presentation is to convey the necessary economic and market information to enhance your knowledge and improve your financial plan.

Lunch: A plated lunch will be available immediately following the presentation.  The menu choices include:  pasta, salads, and various sandwiches for $14/person including beverage, service charge and sales tax.

The seminar is open to all current and retired employees and members of the public.  Non-employees will require a gate pass.  If you plan to attend, please contact Connie Markiewicz at and let her know if you will attend the presentation only or the presentation & lunch.  

Angie McKay at will arrange for gate passes.

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