Argonne Alumni Association Meeting

Paul Farber, Principal at P. Farber & Associates LLC

“The Deep Web and The Dark Web –

A Brief Tour Through the Unknown”

Wednesday, February 19, 2020, 11:00 – 12:00

Argonne Guest House

Paul has more than 40 years of professional environmental engineering experience that includes all phases of environmental engineering from research through field troubleshooting.  He spent 14 years in environmental technology research at Argonne and has been involved in numerous projects with industries around the world including evaluation of emissions control technologies, the installation and testing of emissions control equipment at power plants and incinerators, analyses of control options for compliance, and independent engineering review of potential environmental liabilities. 

He is a registered Professional Engineer, a Fellow Member of the AWMA, a Board Certified Engineer with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, and an Emeritus member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Abstract: Most people who browse the Internet are not aware that they are only seeing about 5% of the World Wide Web.  The other 95% is composed of the Deep Web and the Dark Web.  The Deep Web is a section of the Web not cataloged by browsers or web spiders and consists of business and government records and other related information.  The Dark Web is a place of mystery and legends.  The Dark Web isn’t accessible through normal browsers and has more than drug deals, hired assassins, and stolen materials.  It also is where many legitimate organizations such as Amnesty International and most major news organizations have information sites.

This talk will acquaint you with the Deep Web and the Dark Web and show you how to get, and use, the TOR browser, which is one of the only ways to access the Dark Web.

Lunch:  A plated lunch will be available immediately following the presentation.  The menu choices include:  pasta, salads, and various sandwiches for $14/person including beverage, service charge, and sales tax.

Future Events: March 18, 2020 – To be announced

The seminar is open to all current and retired employees and members of the public.  Non-employees will require a gate pass.  If you plan to attend, please contact Dave Livengood at and let him know if you will attend the presentation only or the presentation & lunch.  Ashley Boyle at will arrange for gate passes.

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