Dr. Cristina Negri

Director, Environmental Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory

 “If Not Us, Who?”

Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

Argonne Guest House

During her more than 25 years at Argonne, Dr. Negri has conducted and directed laboratory to full-scale multidisciplinary projects developing technologies and concepts for environmental remediation and stewardship. Her interests have included the integration of bioenergy within working agricultural landscapes to address the food, energy, water, and land nexus. Cristina is a Senior Fellow with the Energy Policy Institute at the Harris School and a Fellow of the Institute of Molecular Engineering, both at the University of Chicago. She earned her Dottore in Scienze Agrarie Degree (Agricultural Sciences) at the University of Milan in Milan, Italy.

Abstract:  Resources for food, fuel, and other necessities once appeared limitless, but we have come to realize their finite nature and the need to develop systems that are sustainable into the future.  This talk will discuss how, based on Argonne’s work in generating sustainable landscapes for the production of both food and biofuel, scientists and engineers can and must be leaders in the responsible innovation of new materials and processes that maintain and improve our natural capital.


Lunch:  A plated lunch will be available immediately following the presentation.  The menu choices include:  pasta, salads, and various sandwiches for $14/person including beverage, service charge and sales tax.

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