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Barry S. Finkel

Argonne National Laboratory (Retired)

“The Curious Case of Grace Mailhouse Bernheim/Burnham McDonald”

Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 11:00 – 12:00

Argonne Guest House

Barry started at Argonne as a summer student in 1970 and worked on the RESCUE time-sharing system on the IBM mainframe.  He worked as a Systems Programmer on the IBM mainframes until 1994.  Subsequently, he worked in e-mail support, Domain Name Service support, and Unix systems administration until his retirement in 2011. He started in genealogy in the mid-1960s, took a hiatus, and resumed the work in 1991 that has continued to now.

Abstract:Genealogical investigation may appear to some to be a dry topic, but the threads of heredity can lead down surprising paths worthy of a CSI episode.  This presentation will focus on a time in the roaring 20s and the story of socialite Grace Burnham, her “eugenic” daughter, and the many men who may or may not have been the father.  Along the way, the information resources that were used to explore these individuals and their relationships will be identified and discussed.

Lunch:  A plated lunch will be available immediately following the presentation.  The menu choices include:  pasta, salads, and various sandwiches for $14/person including beverage, service charge, and sales tax.

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October 16 – “Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization – Technology Opportunities and Challenges”, C. B. Panchal, ANL (retired)

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Please note the contact changes for both reservations and gate passes

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